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Welcome to our new Motorbike Club
Welcome to our new motorbike club on Bohol!

In the time immediately following the attacks in America, all my lofty aspirations to explore motoculture had been devalued to self - indulgent nonsense.

In reality, the value of motorcycles and motorcycling remained much the same on September 12 as it been on September 10. but if there is any value at all to be extracted from the horrifying awakening we all experienced that day, it is to think in serious terms about what we are doing with our lives, how we occupy our time. For some of us, such thinking includes motorcycles.

I love motorcycles. Of that I'm certain. And I know that I have derived much real value from my involvement with them.

Since July 17.2002, we have a motorcycle club in Alona beach, Panglao Island, Bohol. Exchange ideas and share experiences with others with similar sensibilities - or different ones. You won't be bored and you'll be a better, saner person for treating seriously what might otherwise be dismissed as a toy. Most of all, be mindful of how very fortunate you are to be a motorcyclist.

Let the good times roll

Peter H.